Why You Should Talk to Strangers

How many times have you found yourself on your phone, scrolling through your same old feed, in a room you paid hundreds or even thousands of dollars to be in, surrounded by people you know can help your career...if you'd only introduce yourself?

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Not All Creatives Are Created Equal. Which Type Are You?

We are loving this quiz by Adobe Create, which allows you to see your creative type in a super fun interactive format that displays some of the magic of motion graphics that Adobe helps create. 

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The Issue of Trust

I had a great time moderating a panel last week on the Future of Work at the Seattle Interactive Conference, one of my favorite annual events. After our panelists discussed the ins and outs of working remotely, digital nomads, and co-sharing workspaces, we opened the session to a Q&A. The questions from the audience were so thoughtful and honestly surprising. One question in particular caught me off guard a bit. It was around the issue of trust. A young woman explained that her company had recently allowed her to work remotely and she was excited about that. My first thought was “Great! This is a progressive company allowing a responsible professional to work remotely.” But then she said the HR department was concerned if she was working from where she said she would be working. In fact, they told her that they would be monitoring her IP address on her computer to check her location. When she said she would be monitored remotely to make sure she was being truthful about her...

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Living the Dream: Working Remotely & Making It Work

What if you could choose to work from Italy, Croatia, Montana, or England – or all those locations in the same year? Professionals today want careers that enable them to work from wherever they want. According to astudy,one of the top perks employees want is the ability to work remotely.Additionally,75% of millennialsbelieve working remotely would have a positive impact on productivity in their organization.

When we started Remix, we had to think through the agency structure. Where would our people work? If we weren’t all in one office, how would we collaborate effectively? To be honest, it was an easy decision for us: within reason, our people should work where they want. Instead of searching for candidates who can physically be in our offices, we went searching for candidates who were the best fit for the job.

The result? Our agency has rockstars. I’m talking incredibly smart, talented, committed, dream employees.How we attracted those people isn’t a big secret. In a research...

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Learning – or Standing Still?

This week I attended the VES (Visual Effects Summit) in Beverly Hills with my client Gavin Miller, Head of Adobe Research & VP, Creative Intelligence Lab, where he was speaking about future technologies. I like to attend events where we’ve placed our clients as speakers, or where they will have some sort of presence, and I always walk away feeling like I’ve learned something and met smart, interesting people. That was definitely the case with VES. But there was a twist: In addition to the main stage presentations, VES held small roundtable discussions on a variety of topics from which you could choose. The subjects ranged from VR to Game Engines to VFX in Korea and China. And then there was one that jumped out at me:

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